co-meeting is...

co-meeting is a real-time collaboration tool for your groups or teams.

Its live-typing discussions gives you the feeling of face to face meetings, meaning you are no longer restricted to the boardroom for updates and reports.

Because co-meeting is interactive, it allows you to work together with your team, no matter where you are. You can also update your team members immediately so that they can have up to the minute information.

co-meeting not only boosts your team's productivity, but also reinforces their solidarity.


Real-time live-typing chats - Faster than face-to-face conversation!

As you type, each character appears in real-time so several people can be 'speaking' at once. It creates a real-life atmosphere like a face-to-face discussion and you can enjoy efficient communication anytime, in any environment.

Thread structure chats - Easy to create multi-topic conversations

The threaded chat structure makes complex context much simpler to navigate. Sorted by topics, you and your colleagues can easily discuss more than one topic at the same time, making meetings more efficient. As the contents of the meeting are saved, non-participants can easily catch up with the discussions and add comments, meaning everyone can carry on with their work and stay up to date as well.


Feedback icons - One-click response from group members

Each comment box has five icons for feedback - 'Like', 'Dislike', 'Question', 'To do' and 'Digress.' These icons make communication faster and visually easy to understand a participant's reaction. Simple responses such as 'Yes' or 'Agree' require only one click!

Create meeting minutes - Take minutes during the meeting

All participants can make notes or edits in the 'Note' pane on the right hand side of the co-meeting screen. You can take minutes, transfer information over from the 'Discussion' pane or create an action list, all while discussing each item on your agenda. As all text in the 'Note' pane is also shown in real time, there is no need to wait to have the minutes sent out after the meeting!


Easy to review - Enjoy the benefits of text-based discussions

In co-meeting, it's possible to scan and come up to speed with a meeting that may have taken a few hours, in a few minutes. As all text is saved in a thread structure, you can easily track the topics covered in the meeting and can review the relevant parts. You will also no longer need to organize another meeting to bring non-participants up to speed.

File attachment - Upload files anywhere in your conversation

You can upload various files or add links in both the 'Discussion' and 'Note' panes. If you are uploading an image file, the image will be shown between text sentences. You can attach a file anywhere so that there is a smooth flow between your discussion and uploaded material.


Simple group creation - Sign up through Google

It's simple to sign up via Google, meaning you don't need to enter your account information. You can also easily invite your Google+ contacts to your group.

Public group available - Invite people from all over the world

Want to reach out to a wider audience? You can change your settings to profile your group information to anyone and allow them to send you a request to join your group. The options are endless! Have a free and fun discussion with people at the same event as you, or even with someone who is watching the same game live somewhere else!